New Year, New Me

Feeling into 2017 as we all are, and wondering what this new Gregorian calendar will bring for my life.  Where will my growth lie?  Where will my inward reflections and lessons happen?  Part of me wishes to do some lengthy introspection and a different part of me already knows and feels what and how I should manifest for myself.  Sometimes, many times in fact, our gut already knows.


I definitely have a mental checklist of things I’d like to improve on ~ with my Spiritual practice, physical, emotional as well as a TO DO checklist for my home and business.  A notebook for this, an electronic list for that.  Mind you when compiled, the list is LONG… and being a Virgo does not help keep it short. There is always something to adjust, tweak, fix.  

However, I know how I DON’T want to walk into 2017.  Often knowing what we DON’T want brings clarity on what we DO want. 

I don’t desire to feel overwhelmed or exhausted.  

I don’t desire to feel or live from a space of lack or limitation.

I do not want to feel like a failure.

I don’t want a cluttered house.  

I do not wish to endure any health challenges.  


I desire to feel balanced in all areas of my life.

I desire to feel and live from a space of positive abundance.

I desire to be and feel successful in all of my endeavors.

I do want organization in my home and work.

I want to be out in nature more.

I desire to feel continually grounded and grateful for each moment, each day ~ no matter how challenging or trying.  Each challenge is a lesson for me to learn from. 

Now these are all generalizations, affirmations, and intentions.  There are more details around each one as to HOW I wish to achieve all of this.  And with each day, the details may change.  The main reminder I must hold onto for myself is that I CAN do it all ~ in baby steps. 

One step at a time, I can do it all.  I can honor my Spirit, body, mind, home, relationships, money, and business. 

So where do I start?  That’s an easy one for me.  I always start with grounding my Spirit ~ the rest will follow.  :)

Happy New Year everyone!  May we all be blessed with joy, vibrant health, and an awareness of the truth of our sacred selves!