Mrs Dancing Moon Mentoring is tailored to women during the preconception to the postnatal years.  My focus is on helping each person actualize their truth and desires and co-create and offer tools and resources to help fulfill their goals with ease and grace.  Topics I support range from:

  • life balance

  • work + life balance

  • creating time for self care

  • career transition

  • support and accountability

  • visualizing and identifying your life + career goals + dreams

  • finding one’s life purpose

  • close diastasis recti (abdominal wall separation)

  • reduce "baby belly"

  • improve back pain

  • strengthen pelvic floor muscles (including improving incontinence)

  • assist with prolapse

  • help eliminate PMS naturally

  • understanding female cycles: Moon Cycle tracking/radiant cycle health

  • fertility tracking + preparation

  • living from your Divine Feminine

  • increase low libido

  • external scar tissue release

  • reconnecting and supporting one’s body

  • gain full body strength and flexibility (pre, during and post baby)

Overall, I am committed to helping women live and move into their full, amazing selves! 

Each phase of womanhood metamorphs us not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well.  I can help develop and foster your goals so that you are shining and basking in your brightness! 

I bring wisdom from my life experience as a woman, wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, birth doula, as well as my training from Queen Afua/Sacred Woman, Lara Catone/Artemis School, Joanne Cohen and Achintya Devi/Priestesses of the Moon, Celia Ward-Wallace/Soulful Coaching Academy & Super Fly Business Program, Certified Coaches Federation, and Ronnie Landis/Holistic Health Mastery among others.

Life as a mom, partner and career woman has its ups and downs, ebbs and flows, waxes and wanes, hills and valleys, some of which are expected and others one could never have planned for.  Often we women tend to others' needs yet neglect our own, sometimes leaving us feeling unappreciated, out of touch with ourselves, drained, or depleted.  If left without proper attention, our health can begin to deteriorate leaving us unwell to care for our loved ones and not able to enjoy life to its fullest.  My aim is to support you in feeling healthy, well, vibrant, radiant and excited to greet each day and express your limitless self!

“When all of the women begin to be their own physicians, and heal themselves, whether it be at heart level, a mental level, or a physical level. When she begins to do all of her healing work, then she will be able to resurrect her family and be the medicine woman within her family.”
— Queen Afua

How Mama Gets Her Groove Back

You've spent so much time caring for your children, creating the foundation for your family ~ your values, parenting styles, your role as a care taker, house manager, and a contributor to the community.  Now it's time to turn that mirror around and reflect it on YOURSELF! 

✨ Are you the same person you were before having children? 

✨ Have you been able to heal old wounds, stand firmly in your roots, be clear on your path and purpose OTHER than that of a mother? 

👉🏽 If you are ready for a sacred space to be seen, heard, held, heal, and connect to your deepest passions and purpose, I welcome you with open arms to guide you on your journey! 

3 months includes:

✨ 1 module/accountability call every 2 weeks

✨ Secret FB Group

✨ Variety of tools, rituals, and practices to help guide, support and empower you

✨ Total Investment: $288 per month for 3 months, or $799 in full

Modules Will Cover: 

🌱 What's In Your Baggage? Releasing limiting beliefs, barriers, and untruths and revealing the TRUTH of you are and what you are capable of.

🌱 Womb Story/Womb Care. Remembering the journeys your womb has been on (even if it's been surgically removed), and reconnecting with your true source, your direct connection to Mama Moon.

🌱  Your Body Is Your Temple. How do you honor your body?  Foods. Exercise.  Fresh air.  Rest. Cleanse. Your inner dialogue with your body. Other care practices.

🌱 How To Keep the Flames Burning Bright. We are sexual beings, there is no doubt.  But within the hustle and bustle of life, how can you keep passion and desire ALIVE and THRIVING, whether you have a partner at home or not?

🌱  You Are the Change You Wish to See. Using the previous modules, you will take time to explore and investigate how you TRULY desire to show up on this planet.  What legacy do you desire to leave? 

🌱  How To Make Time for It All. Now that you've laid out your desires for how you wish to show up, this may mean spending more time to design your life and goals, and to ensure that ALL parts of your life are given love and attention. 

Self Care + Balance for Busy Moms

These private session will focus on self-care and balance where expanding possibilities to experience more ease, grace and joy in your life is explored! 

Often times as moms, you can juggle so many schedules and so many activities that you often neglect the most important person-- YOURSELF! 

In these sessions you will learn how to love our days rather than dread them. You will be reminded how amazing, powerful, gentle, warm, compassionate, loving, beautiful and strong you are! 

We will look at aspects of your life such as spiritual, emotional, physical, relations, work/career, and finances and create a plan that works for YOU to experience more joy and balance in ALL areas. 

This series meets twice per month, lasting for 3 months total.  That's a grand total of 6 sessions for only $450!  There is a payment plan option available - please contact me directly to make arrangements.

We will: 

  • Define what self care, balance, and self worth means on an individual level.

  • Evaluate time you currently spend on nourishing your spiritual practice, health and wellness, finances, and relationships.

  • Use self inquiry, movement, and community to help YOU decide what's most important to YOU and how you wish to spend your time each day, week, month and year.

  • Create an individual, realistic plan to put into IMMEDIATE action leaving you feeling luscious, grounded, and balanced.

  • Stay further connected, even AFTER the sessions have completed via Facebook group for added support and accountability.

Transformational One on One Sessions

Coaching Packages provide laser focused attention to help guide and co-create your dreams. Packages come as 3, 6 or 12 sessions, depending on your objectives, commitment and timeline.  Choose the one that suits you best. I look forward to co-creating your magnificent change!

Toe Dip of 3 for $337.50 USD, 1 month, (10% savings)

Up To Your Knees of 6 for $637.50 USD, 3 months (15% savings)

All In of 12 for $1200 USD, 6 months (20% savings)

Sessions are done virtually via video conferencing and can be done with any mama from around the world!

Packages include email and as needed phone support in between scheduled sessions.

Payment plans available.

During any of our sessions, I may address/use any of the following tools to support your journey:

  • Connection to Spirit

  • Dietary and lifestyle wellness

  • Gentle embodied practices (Yoga for Radiant Health, Elemental Body™, etc.)

  • Breath work

  • Journal writing

  • Space holding

  • Witnessing

  • Visioning