Awaken Your Core to Wellness: A 4-Class Series


Awaken Your Core to Wellness: A 4-Class Series


As a certified Elemental Body™ Method Practitioner, I am beyond excited to bring you this amazing, gentle, holistic approach that supports women with:

• closing diastasis recti (abdominal wall separation) 

• reducing "baby belly" 

• improving back pain 

• gaining full body strength 

• increasing core stability 

• strengthening pelvic floor muscles 

• reducing incontinence 

• assisting with prolapse 

• increasing libido 

• increasing sexuality and 

•increasing confidence 

Our core is much more than our abdominal muscles.  Whether we've had emotional or physical trauma, born children and tend to their varying needs, sit at a computer, use a mobile device, or are not on point with our nutritional needs and gut health, our core could probably could use some attention and support.  

This 4 class series will cover:

*Redefining Our Core

*Diastasis Recti: What Is It and Do I Have It?  

*The Emotions of Our Core

*Breath and Visualization

*How Our Eating Habits Contribute to Our Wellness 

*Specific Exercise Toward Healing

Using breath work and visualization as the foundation of healing, we will also use elements of yoga, fitness and therapeutic practices. We will focus on the whole person for healing and long term wellness, creating space for you to reconnect with your new self to leave you feeling stronger and empowered. This series will offer communal, continual support in between meeting dates via Facebook group, handouts and videos, and 20% discount to 1:1 sessions with me for more focused work.

Please have the following items with you on each class date:

- a yoga mat

- water

- pen

- small notebook

- layers of clothing as we will be alternating between movement and stillness

Although we love your children, we ask that you arrange for childcare during these sessions to enable you to get the most out of your healing experience. (However no one will be turned away due to lack of childcare)

*Sliding scale for those in need. Please email

*Payment plans available. Please email

*Pre registration is required.  

* No refunds.

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*I look forward to helping guide you on your journey to core wellness.*

Groups of 4 or more can be accommodated. Please email me for more info.

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Series will be held at the location below.  Plenty of free parking in the rear lot. 

Kindred Space LA 

6820 La Tijera Blvd #202, Los Angeles CA 90045