Birth Doula Services

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Birth Doula Services

from 1,700.00

Sliding Scale Offered To Those Who Qualify.  Please email for more info.

Basic Birth Support ~

With this package you receive a minimum of 2 prenatal visits. One will be geared towards getting to you know you, your desires for the birth, as well as your preferred relaxations techniques and labor positions.  The second will primarily focus on preparing a birth plan that fits the needs and values of you and your growing family.  This includes offering information and resources on informed consent for yourself and your baby. 

I will be ON CALL for you beginning at 36 weeks gestation and up to 42 weeks gestation.  During this window of time, I am available 24/7 for any questions or concerns and can show up in person either at your home or planned place of delivery.  In addition to providing on going support during the labor period, I also aim to support the partner or any other individual that may be present with you.  Whether your baby is born vaginally or via c-section I will be present to support you up until you and baby are stable and have transitioned into a recovery period.

Following the birth of the baby, we will schedule a minimum of 1 postnatal visit, preferably at your home, to process the birth, assess integration, offer recommendations for support and other resources for your optimal recovery.


Birth Support + Dancing For Birth Combo ~ (Basic Plus)

Receive all in the above Basic Birth Support Package PLUS 5 IN PERSON or VIRTUAL Dancing for Birth™ classes .

Dancing for Birth™ is a wonderful way to support your baby's positioning and the changes of the body's ligaments and muscles as they are constantly shifting.  For pregnancy, Dancing For Birth™ aids by:

- opening the pelvic outlet

- helping achieve optimal fetal position

- reducing stress and anxiety

- building confidence in the changing body, in particular during labor


Birth Support + Postpartum Vaginal Steam + Postnatal Dance ~ (Basic Deluxe)

Receive all in the above Basic Birth Support Package PLUS 5 vaginal steam sessions and 1 Private Postnatal Dance Class in your home.  Vaginal steaming post baby (after a woman has stopped bleeding) can provide relief with pain, inflammation, circulation, residue, and stress.  I bring herbs and a steam box for your sessions and can tend to your baby while you steam. Postnatal dance (once approved by care provider) can aid in realigning bones and muscles, reducing aches and pains, and improve mood and circulation.

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