*dancing for birth: PRENATAL Dance

*Ladies' happy Hour: restore & Renew

*workshops including ~ Awaken Your Core to Wellness + cesarean recovery

*Private Lessons for Women and Couples

Dancing for BirthClasses

4 class series



6TH, 13TH, 20TH, + 27TH, 3:30PM-5PM


What should I wear to class?
Wear clothes that don’t inhibit your freedom of movement. T-shirts and shorts or leggings under skirts work well. Coin hip scarves are fun and accentuate your movement. You can purchase these at our online shop. We dance with bare feet, so you don’t need any special footwear.



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Looking into the floor-to-ceiling mirrors, I saw me and a room full of other very pregnant women. It was a sight to see. Our hair in pony tails, our round hips squeezed into yoga pants. We rested our hands on our pregnant bellies, shifted our feet nervously, asking ourselves, “Was this a good idea? Do I really need to see this new, awkward body of mine trying to move in coordinated steps?”

The tiny, former professional dance instructor turned on the music and started to move. We followed. We salsa’ed, we hip hopped, we did routines across the floor. Immediately, our faces were red and sweaty, our bellies swinging left and right, up and down, around and around in “sexy” hip circles. Deep dips in second position. Clumsy footwork. We shimmied our newly-enlarged chests to the beat—five, six, seven, eight. We clasped hands and did swing moves, our bellies almost touching, our ponytails swishing.

Looking at ourselves and each other, we giggled. Like dance class when we were little girls, there was no competition between us, no expectation of greatness. Just pure joy in moving our bodies. Our new, awkward ones. Silly girls about to be silly moms. What a beautiful sight.
— Sarah L.
 Listed in The Argonaut's Best of the Westside 2016! 

Listed in The Argonaut's Best of the Westside 2016! 

THE ARGONAUT EDITOR'S 2016 PICK FOR "Best Place to Dance with Your Baby in Utero"

Happy Baby

Happy Baby founders Brandi Sharkey and Erin Fagerlind

Prenatal dance classes are moving and shaking their way into the birth plans of expectant mothers, and what better place to do it than a dance studio founded by moms?

“Our hope is that we can help parents raise happy, healthy babies while also caring for their own body and mind,” says Erin Fagerlind, who cofounded the Happy Baby yoga and wellness center with Brandi Sharkey (both of whom gave birth for a second time this month).

On Tuesday nights, Happy Baby hosts prenatal dance classes by certified pre-/post-natal fitness instructor Nicole “Dancing Moon” La Cour-Wordlaw, a professional dancer who discovered the benefits of prenatal dance during her own pregnancy.

La Cour-Wordlaw leads her students through breathing, stretching and affirmations before turning up the grooves — West African, Latin, Caribbean, hip-hop, swing and, of course, belly dancing!

“My classes focus on stamina, endurance, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and respiratory health, relaxation, trust in one’s body, community and sisterhood — and some helpful tips for labor, delivery and parenting,” she says.

— Tiffany Walton


Dancing For Birth™ offers feel good pre natal fitness inspired by world dances such as Belly, West African, Latin, Caribbean, and Hip Hop! We also use yogic and dance stretches effective for this sacred time. Be prepared to feel challenged yet relaxed and uplifted!

Birth and parenting can be like a marathon and Dancing For Birth™ classes will help you become stronger, more agile, and more at ease.  Using birthing and parenting wisdom ~ which can include a review of ideal birthing positions and natural pain coping techniques, and tuning in to your body and baby ~ you will build your confidence in your own abilities and experiences.

This class is a space for collective support while having fun and celebrating the beauty of womanhood!

No previous dance experience necessary. All levels welcome!

We provide a space for sacred feminine embodiment, intuitive connection with your body and baby, and a collective space for being witnessed, held and supported.  


For pregnancy, Dancing For Birth™ aids by:

- opening the pelvic outlet

- aiding to achieve optimal fetal position

- reducing stress and anxiety

- building confidence in the changing body, particularly during labor


For postpartum, Dancing For Birth™ aids by:

- reducing stress and tension, lowering blood pressure and adrenaline

- ab and pelvic floor exercises  

- freeing self judgement, allowing more space for bonding with baby and partner

- realigning your joints and ligaments

- preventing/reducing postpartum depression

ladies happy hour: restore & renew

Weekly at brasil brasil cultural center, culver city

Tuesdays + THURSDAYS, 9am


This class is designed for the independent mama who is able to get away from it all.  In this hour long class, we will focus solely on YOU-- restoring and strengthening with fun and funky grooves, stretching, toning, and core work specific to healing.   You will leave feeling re-energized, reset, and ready to face your world with joy and ease.  

Join in for some fun while we work our way to wellness! 

Yoga instructor, doula, and mom Keya shares a personal testimony of her experience in Mrs Dancing Moon's Tuesday 9am Ladies' Happy Hour: Restore + Renew at Brasil Brasil Cultural Center in Culver City
BBCC Class.jpg

Joyful sweaty mamas after class! 


Private, in home session that includes:

- 1 hour of specialized dance instruction- modifications can be made for pregnancy, postpartum, and to even include baby.  

- 30 minutes of essential oil and meditation support to help boost your energy and emotional level


- 1oz. homemade massage oil with added essential oils 

 - 4oz. shea butter balm with added essential oils

Total 90 minutes for $200

*Additional charge for travel if more than 15 minutes driving time*




Interested in being more comfortable as you guide your lady on the dance floor ON YOUR WEDDING DAY, or show out for YOUR quincenera? ARE YOU PREPPING for your special day and want something unique, something 100% you?  Then LET ME HELP YOU!

I will help create moves for your special occasion to help you feel SMOOTH, confident, AND true to yourself! 

Priced at: 5 sessions, 2 hours each for $900 or 10 sessions, 2 hours each for $1750.  

Feel free to use the CONTACT page to answer any further questions you may have. 

*Additional charge for travel if more than 15 minutes driving time*

cesarean recovery workshop

Saturday, January 20

For women who have experienced a planned or unexpected cesarean birth, this workshop provides the space for emotional and physical healing.  As with ANY surgery, there can be emotional trauma, stagnation and scarring which can serve as reminders of joy, elation, gratitude, pain, grief, fear, or lack.  During our time together we will:

  • create a sacred and safe space to share our birth stories
  • be reminded of our wholeness
  • gain and share tools for sitting in and moving thru our healing
  • move our bodies
  • self reflection
  • learn + perform external scar tissue massage

Workshop will take place at True Healing Bodywork in Redondo Beach.  $50 per person.  Space is limited.  Pre-registration is required and can be done by clicking HERE




As a certified Restore Your Core Method Practitioner, I am beyond excited to bring you this amazing, gentle, holistic approach that supports women with:

• closing diastasis recti (abdominal wall separation) 

• reducing "baby belly" 

• improving back pain 

• gaining full body strength 

• increasing core stability 

• strengthening pelvic floor muscles 

• reducing incontinence 

• assisting with prolapse 

• increasing libido 

• increasing sexuality and 

•increasing confidence

Using breath work and visualization as the foundation of healing, we will also use elements of yoga, fitness and therapeutic practices. We will focus on the whole person for healing and long term wellness, creating space for you to reconnect with your new self to leave you feeling stronger and empowered. This 5 class series will offer communal, continual support in between meeting dates via Facebook group, handouts and videos, and will also include a 20% discount on private 1:1 session with me for more detailed and focused work.