Sacred Mama Support Circle + Restore Your Core to Wellness Workshop

I've been plugging away continuing to learn and grow my private practice as a Certified Women's Holistic Life + Sexual Wellness Coach.  I'm so excited to currently be seeing clients on issues ranging from diastasis recti, weak pelvic floor, low libido, time management, life balance, career change, and self-care.  

My focus is with moms who feel ready to make transformations in their lives and who are committed to creating a better lifestyle for themselves as well as their entire family.  Through holistic guidance, I help empower women to become their own healers and leaders of their lives.  

I have availability for 2 more private clients this month.  If this interests you or someone you know, please reach out and we can hop on a call to see if it is a good fit and begin your journey toward wellness right away.  

Sound the horns!  I am so thrilled to be able to share with you 2 new classes I'm offering!  Both are near and dear to my heart as they've been tools that I've personally needed during my journey as a mom.  Please read more about each one below.  

I've been intrigued by diastasis recti, weak pelvic floor and associated low back pain for over 5 years ever since I've had to personally address these issues with my own body.  As a former dancer, I have always been in touch with my body and had control over virtually every muscle you could imagine.  However, after having children, it's been a long road to feeling like myself again, feeling in control of my body.  I admit I have not been able to spend THAT much time on it, but there have been some fabulous tools that I've learned along the way that have truly made a difference.  In particular, the Restore Your Core Method from Lara Catone, one of my mentors, has been a pivotal resource, which is why I'm excited to now share this material with you!  

Secondly, I'm ecstatic to be able to share my new Sacred Mama Support Circle!  Yay!  As a new mom, it was REALLY challenging for me to embrace my new role in life.  Social circles and support groups really helped me feel integrated back into the world and into this new life.  

My desire is to create a space that honors each of us uniquely as women and mothers.  We are all serving a divine purpose through raising our children.   I look forward to witnessing and holding space for you all as we support, listen, honor, and respect one another.  

Check out details on the PURCHASE page and please feel free to reach out with questions. 


In gratitude,

Mrs Dancing Moon