I Can See Clearly Now!


I've been toying with a topic for my first round of group coaching sessions. I posted on a couple of coaching groups as well as moms groups to see what type of feedback I get, and woah nelly!! Not only do I have clarity around a topic for this series of sessions, I've got the next series topic as well!!! I'm so excited, I've been doing the happy dance for days- in between more brainstorming, that is. 

It seems more and more, many people can't get enough self care. I mean really and truly and wow. Folks overall are working harder yet seeing less reward for their work, therefore taking less time out to provide care for themselves.  How frustrating is that!!!  Me personally, I certainly love to see reward. Whether that's a pat on the back, with words such as, "I appreciate you.", a huge hug from my kids full of unconditional love, or a day at the spa getting some relaxation and rejuvenation- I NEED some love for me to show up as my best self. Whether as a friend, wife, daughter, mother, or mutual driver sharing the road. When I'm not receiving what I need, not only do I suffer, but everyone around me suffers. Y'all feel me? 

Self care was easier and not even a thought in my mind before having children. Ponder on that mamas! Who's with me there? I didn't have to think about when I was going to get some "me" time. It was ALWAYS me time.

Well, fast forward 7.5 years and what do we see? Reminders on the calendar for exercise, meditation, painting my toes, and on and on. What I'm speaking on is definitely all for my benefit and my enjoyment, but man-- I just want to throw that phone away sometimes!!! 
However, many folks aren't scheduling the mediation, massage, or lunch with a friend opportunities into their lives at all. Now this is where it can get detrimental. I'm not saying you HAVE to plan out these moments on your calendar, but NOT taking the time at all for doing what you love, doing what brings you joy-- Watch out world! We eventually have a firecracker walking around. That is certainly how I can feel when I neglect myself. 

I refuse. I refuse to live my life out of whack, unbalanced, not giving to myself and feeling empty- like I give to others but what about me? Nope. But I did need clarity and perspective on what is most important to me. If, for example- I only have 1 hour of time in my day when I am not in a job, or not caring for my family, how do I want to spend it so it's most meaningful and rewarding? What do I need in that moment to help me feel relaxed, rested, alive and thriving?!?!  It's different depending on the day but now I KNOW what I enjoy and how best to serve myself. It might be easy and intuitive, for some, but I've repeatedly seen mothers wonder what to do when they don't have an immediate TO DO list or someone under their arms that needs caring for. 

Since I was once one of those moms, I know the feeling. And now I want to help other mamas feel supported, validated, and clear on how they too can have balance and enjoy time of self love! 

This is why I decided for my first group coaching series (if you haven't figured it out already), the topic is "Self-Care and Balance for Busy Moms". 

In this series, we will create a plan that is designed for YOU. Whether you feel you have 5 minutes a day, or 5 hours to your day alone- you can create and enjoy time for you that leaves you feeling present, loved, elated, confident, and excited to show up in your life! 

I'm offering FREE 15 minute discovery calls for anyone who wishes to discuss more. 
Registration is now OPEN and I can't wait to get started!!