Let's Dance!

I'm a dancer. I'm a wife. I'm a mother. I'm a doula. I'm a dancing doula who teaches Dancing For Birth™ classes to expecting and new moms. Why would anyone want to dance while they're pregnant, or while they're toting around a newborn? Or at all for that matter? 
Well, if you have never experienced it for yourself, let me tell you first hand that dancing is FUN! I don't mean Dancing With the Stars kind of dancing- that's fun too, but I mean just listening to your body, listening to the music and just grooving. Yeah. Letting go and getting lost in the flow. 
In Dancing For Birth™ class, we make time for listening and flowing and so much more. 

For the expecting mama, classes are great for--

- building and maintaining pelvic mobility
-strength and stamina for ease of labor as well as
- learning how to use our own powerful birth instincts. 

Now isn't that just awesome?!?!?!

For the new mama, Dancing For Birth™ classes are great for--

- toning those lovely stretched and expanded areas as well as
- creating and maintaining energy needed to tend to your baby. 
- There is opportunity to get guidance on any parenting concerns from sleeping to nursing and lots more. 
- Plus-- baby also benefits by creating a time for bonding and the movement helps develop their vestibular system which affects their vision, hearing, balance, muscle tone and equilibrium. 

Wow! Everyone wins!!!  

Come on down and join me in some bump 'n boogieing or some baby wearing boogieing!!

Tuesday's, Fox Hills Park Culver City, 2-3:30pm.

Click here for more details and to register: www.mrsdancingmoon.com/dance-moves/pre-postnatal-dance-classes

Let's dance!!!