Day 1 to a 5 Day Journey of Self Care

5-Day Journey of Self-Care

Day 1

Welcome to your 5-day journey of self-care.  In these 5 days, I will guide you through practices to utilize during your day to help leave you feeling like the loving, beautiful, strong, divine woman that you are.  Feel free to mix and match any of the suggestions as you see fit.  They are merely suggestions and meant to serve as a guide.  Feel free to leave your feedback on our facebook community:


Day 1- 7am:

Affirmation: “I AM WORTHY.”

Before going about all the do’s of your day, begin your day by Reciting this 10 times out loud to yourself.  Write it down 10 times in your journal.  Write it on a few different, cute index cards and tape up in your bathroom near your mirror, next to your bed, above your kitchen sink or on the refrigerator, and even tape it At the front door so you see it as you leave.  As you recite and write “I am worthy”, breathe into your worthiness, knowing that you are deserving of all of life’s amazingly wonderful blessings- big and small.  You are truly worthy.


10am- Essential Oil Support:

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the palm of your left hand.  My suggestion for day 1 is Frankincense for its sacredness, ability to increase spiritual awareness and meditation. With your right hand, circle the oil 3 times in the palm of your left.  Cup your hands over your nose creating a tent.  Breathe deeply and slowly 3 times, taking in the essence of your oil.  Then place your right hand over your heart, left hand over your belly – being sure to contact your hands with your skin.  Add the morning affirmation “I am worthy” mentally or out loud, making sure to breathe deeply and fully 3-5 times or as long as it takes for you to feel your worthiness fully embodied.


1pm- Movement:

Usually around the lunchtime hour, our bodies get a bit drained and tired.  This is usually the time for an afternoon coffee.  Instead, try some movement.  Let’s keep it simple.  Find a comfortable space and shake.  Yes, shake.  Bobble your head, shimmy your shoulders, shake your arms, hands, torso, hips, knees and feet.  If you wish to add some jumping with it, go ahead.  I’d keep it to about 3-5 minutes total.  Notice the sensations you receive, where your energy is flowing and overall how you now feel.  This exercise leaves me feeling tingly and energized, ready to continue on joyfully. 


4pm- Meditation

As your day begins to slow down, take a moment privately inside or outside in nature.  Find a space where you will not be disturbed for the next 5 minutes.  If you have any special meditation music you enjoy- Tibetan or Native American meditation music, for example- to help achieve a more relaxed state, feel free to use it to assist you.  Find a comfortable seated position.  Rest your hands on each of your legs palms face up, allowing you to receive energy as you release any energy that is not serving you.  Begin to slow your breath, breathing deeply and fully.  You’re welcome to return to the affirmation “I am worthy”.  Another option is to focus closed eyes toward the center of your forehead, at your 3rd eye.  Simply rest.  Simply be.  Be present to what is.  Present to letting go any negative energy and receiving only positivity.  When your 5 minutes is up, slowly begin to blink your eyes and take in your surroundings, slowly moving parts of your body before standing and returning to your day.


10pm- Gratitude

Before you lay it down for the night, take some oil- massage oil or kitchen olive or coconut oil.  Add a few drops of frankincense oil.  As you did in the morning, place the oils in the palm of your left hand and circle your right hand 3 times.  Begin to massage your feet.  Rub the tops of your foot where the toes end, the pads of the toes, balls of the feet.  Don’t forget the arch, heel and the inner achilles.  If you have the space, add your calves and shins.  While massaging your feet and legs, tell them ‘thank you’.  They’ve helped you walked through your day and have helped you return to a placed of rest.  Take a few moments to think of your day and express gratitude for each opportunity, each encounter- no matter how unbearable, frustrating, and yes of course, beautiful and amazing.


Remember this is a guide.  Feel free to tweak as you desire.  Enjoy your day to the utmost because you absolutely are worthy.