Dancing For Birth™ In My Own Words

What is Dancing For Birth™?  

Dancing for birth™ is a wonderful mix of iced tea and lemonade, bitter and sweet, sweet and sour, yin and yang.  i think you get the idea by now.  Essentially, DFB, is a pre/post natal dance class that includes childbirth education tips and tools, community among women at such a crucial time of their lives, parenting and new mother tools and support, and fun while getting fit!

Who is DFB for?  

DFB is for any expecting or new mama looking to feel good in her body, reduce muscle tension, and promote relaxation.  Women looking to feel empowered and be reminded of their own innate wisdom will find it in DFB class.

Why DFB?

As a former professional modern dancer, and now mother of 2, why did I choose to become a Certified Dancing For Birth™ Instructor?  Well, the connection may seem obvious, and yes, I would agree.  I also really love how DFB doesn’t teach women HOW TO DANCE, but rather - reminds women to listen to their bodies and offers movement vocabulary to respond, to have this unspoken conversation, to dance with ourselves and our babies.  

I truly believe that we know how to birth our babies but our culture has greatly reduced our mammalian connection to Mama Earth, decreasing our successful, natural childbirth outcomes.  Even as new mothers, we often long to find our tribe, our community of women, that are walking this new life path with us through all the tears of joy, pain and diaper changes.  DFB classes offer such a space for all of this magic to occur.  This is part of how I wish to positively impact the world - by offering an educational, safe, loving and fun space for pregnant women and moms/babies. 

More info on my weekly DFB class can be found here: https://www.mrsdancingmoon.com/dance-moves/pre-postnatal-dance-classes

More info on Dancing For Birth™ HERE: http://dancingforbirth.com