How Mama Gets Her Groove Back ~ Private Coaching Program


How Mama Gets Her Groove Back ~ Private Coaching Program

from 288.00

Privates available at anytime.  AFTER paying for your sessions, feel free to schedule yourself on my calendar HERE.

Our 3 month's time together will include:

✨ 1 module/accountability call every 2 weeks

✨ Secret FB Group

✨ Variety of tools, rituals, and practices to help guide, support and empower you

✨ Total Investment: $288 per month for 3 months, or $799 in full

Modules Will Cover: 

🌱 What's In Your Baggage? Releasing limiting beliefs, barriers, and untruths and revealing the TRUTH of you are and what you are capable of.

🌱 Womb Story/Womb Care. Remembering the journeys your womb has been on (even if it's been surgically removed), and reconnecting with your true source, your direct connection to Mama Moon.

🌱  Your Body Is Your Temple. How do you honor your body?  Foods. Exercise.  Fresh air.  Rest. Cleanse. Your inner dialogue with your body. Other care practices.

🌱 How To Keep the Flames Burning Bright. We are sexual beings, there is no doubt.  But within the hustle and bustle of life, how can you keep passion and desire ALIVE and THRIVING, whether you have a partner at home or not?

🌱  You Are the Change You Wish to See. Using the previous modules, you will take time to explore and investigate how you TRULY desire to show up on this planet.  What legacy do you desire to leave? 

🌱  How To Make Time for It All. Now that you've laid out your desires for how you wish to show up, this may mean spending more time to design your life and goals, and to ensure that ALL parts of your life are given love and attention. 

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